The Wages Guide – 24-page eBook

The Wages Guide – 24-page eBook

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Managing employee wages in Australia can be complicated. But one thing is clear – all Australian employers must pay their employees an agreed wage. If you pay any less you risk legal action (which may result in you paying more than what you owe and potentially see you issued with a substantial penalty as well!) That’s why it’s essential for business managers and employers to understand all their wage obligations and the rights of their employees.

The Wages Guide provides a snapshot of current wages legislation in Australia and is a useful guide for anyone in business who needs to pay wages. It will help ensure your employees are being paid fairly and that you are not breaching workplace laws.

Here’s just a sample of the practical advice and information you’ll find in The Wages Guide:

  • Your wage obligations explained in clear, easy-to-understand terms
  • 2 easy-to-follow flowcharts that will help you determine:
    • exactly what minimum wage applies to your employees;
    • whether they are entitled to overtime, penalties or shift allowances
  • A simple 3-step guide to help you calculate an annualised salary
  • 6 vital requirements that must be met when making an Award Flexibility Agreement
  • The 6 most commonly asked questions about wages – answered!
  • How to determine if you can relocate an employee
  • And much, much more…

In any employment relationship in Australia, an employee can expect to be paid fairly for the service they provide. The Wages Guide will help you understand your minimum wage requirements to ensure you avoid costly legal action and achieve the best outcome for your employees and your business.

Understanding your obligations as an employer is important. If you are experiencing difficulty with managing staff, please call CBC Employer Assist (members), or join with a CBC membership 

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