Managing Family Issues in the Workplace – 64-page eBook

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If you manage a business of any kind in Australia, it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have to manage employees who have family responsibilities. And it’s imperative that you understand all your obligations in this area… If you don’t, you not only risk disrupting your workplace and your relationship with your staff, but you also risk seriously breaching the law.

Failure to meet your obligations when it comes to any of these matters is considered a serious breach of the law and can result in penalties of more than $50,000. This 64–page eBook will help ensure you understand all your legal obligations and can achieve an effective work and family balance for your employees.

Managing Family Issues in the Workplace answers all of the above questions and more in clear and practical terms, and also contains plenty of other easy–to–understand information, like:

  • How to know if and when your employees are entitled to Parental Leave
  • A 10–step checklist to help you avoid discriminating against applicants with family responsibilities during the recruitment process
  • An easy–to–follow 4–step process to help you manage health and safety risks for pregnant employees
  • How to understand Special Maternity Leave and leave for pregnancy–related illnesses
  • How to handle requests to change a pre–leave role
  • A 7–step process to help you manage employees who work from home
  • A handy checklist that tells you exactly what you need to include in a Gender Equality Report
  • How to calculate when your employee’s parental leave should start and end
  • How to go about changing an employee’s role while they are on leave
  • And more

It also contains 13 handy downloadable policy templates, forms and letters you can print and start using in your workplace immediately, plus you’ll get 5 printable checklists and step–by–steps — so you can rest assured you’re always following the right processes when dealing with employees who have family responsibilities.

Managing Family Issues in the Workplace is designed specifically to help you understand all the rules you need to follow when managing work and family balance for your employees.

Written by the team behind the Employment Law Practical Handbook published by Portner Press.

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