Employment Contract Essentials

Employment Contract Essentials

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Various types of employment contracts exist – and the type of contract used affects the type of employment relationship that exists between your business and the employee.

The essential features of an employment contract are that:

  • the employee has voluntarily taken on a legally enforceable duty to work;
  • your business has voluntarily taken on a legally enforceable obligation to pay wages in return for that work;
  • both the business and the employee intend to be legally bound by their obligations, which are continuing and mutual, i.e. the employee’s performance of their obligation must depend on the performance of your obligation; and
  • essential terms, such as pay and the type of work to be performed, have been agreed on by both parties.

These documents were created by the expert team behind the Employment Law Practical Handbook published by Portner Press. This team of workplace relations lawyers and HR experts have decades of experience assisting employers in their legal obligations and rights, and HR best practice processes.

The following eight documents are included in this package:

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