Flexible Working Arrangements Essentials

Flexible Working Arrangements Essentials

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Flexible work practices help to create a workplace culture that incorporates choice, understanding and adaptability. Being a flexible employer involves creating a balance between building your business and supporting your employees.

Flexible work practices help to take pressure off your employees by allowing them to:

  • fulfil their family or carer obligations and responsibilities;
  • fulfil their study requirements;
  • save on travel costs and commuting times; and
  • enjoy a better work-life balance.

For your business, this can have many benefits including, for example:

  • a more productive and enjoyable work environment;
  • happier and healthier employees who are less prone to stress;
  • reduced absenteeism, lateness and staff turnover;
  • increased employee motivation and commitment;
  • a wider pool of job candidates, allowing you to tap into a more skilled workforce;
  • an increased likelihood that employees will return from parental leave.

These documents were created by the expert team behind the Employment Law Practical Handbook published by Portner Press. This team of workplace relations lawyers and HR experts have decades of experience assisting employers in their legal obligations and rights, and HR best practice processes.

The following seven documents are included in this package:

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