Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – 38-page eBook

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As an employer or business manager, you are duty-bound to make it clear to your employees that sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable. Not only do you have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of your employees, but you also need to protect yourself and your business from the significant damage a sexual harassment allegation can cause.

If a claim of sexual harassment is made against one of your employees, you could be held vicariously liable under the Sex Discrimination Act or health and safety legislation. So, for the sake of your employees’ safety AND the reputation of your business, it’s crucial that you take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in your workplace. This publication from is a good place to start…

Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is a 38-page eBook that has been written in clear, easy-to-understand terms to show you how to identify exactly what unlawful sexual harassment is and help you develop strategies to minimise the risk of it happening in your workplace. The advice in this eBook will also help you to reduce the risk of being held liable if an allegation is made against one of your employees.

Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace will guide you through the process of implementing a sexual harassment policy effectively, reporting a breach of your policy and investigating a complaint. It also contains 6 important downloadable document templates that you can edit and use as part of your workplace sexual harassment strategy.

Here is just some of the essential information you’ll find in Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace:

  • A clear explanation of what constitutes unlawful sexual harassment
  • 34 examples of ‘conduct of a sexual nature’
  • How to recognise and defend a claim of vicarious liability
  • 6 elements you must include in your sexual harassment policy
  • How you should respond to a sexual harassment complaint
  • A 10-step guide to investigating a sexual harassment allegation
  • 6 key principles to consider when dealing with a sexual harassment complaint

Sexual harassment is definitely a challenging and confronting issue. But with the help of Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace you can minimise your legal risks and potentially even prevent unlawful behaviour from occurring in the first place.

Written by the team behind the Employment Law Practical Handbook published by Portner Press.

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