Managing Underperformance – 48-page eBook

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If one of your employees is not performing to a satisfactory level at work, you might think you have reasonable grounds to dismiss them. But it’s not as simple as that… Your employees have legal rights that allow them to challenge the way they are treated and the way their performance at work is assessed.

That’s why you need to have a legally effective performance management process in place. By having proper policies and processes in place for dealing with performance issues, you’ll be far less likely to face a claim of unfair dismissal and in a far better position to make the best decision for your business.

This 48-page eBook that will guide you through the process of managing underperforming employees while explaining in practical, easy-to-understand terms how you can minimise any potential legal risks involved. It also outlines the statutory protections that an employee may use against you if you decide to dismiss them, plus:

  • How to minimise your legal risks when dealing with underperforming employees
  • 6 steps you should follow when developing a performance management process
  • 5 things to check to ensure a dismissal is procedurally fair
  • How to conduct a performance improvement plan meeting
  • 7 things to consider when developing a performance improvement plan
  • How to implement a dismissal – fairly and lawfully
  • 6 things you need to include in your workplace bullying policy
  • How to comply with the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code
  • And plenty more…

Having to confront the issue of underperformance with an employee can be challenging and uncomfortable as an employer. But by following the advice in this eBook you can approach the issue with confidence and make sure you reach the best possible outcomes for both your employees and your business.

Written by the team behind the Employment Law Practical Handbook published by Portner Press.

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