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Long service leave was introduced in Australia in the 1860s. The idea was to allow civil servants the opportunity to sail home to England after 10 years’ service in ‘the colonies’. It remains one of the great entitlements for working Australians and one that’s unique to our labour market.

But the difficulty for employers is that the rules governing long service leave entitlements vary for different employees depending on their circumstances and their jurisdiction. Currently, long service leave entitlements are covered by the state or territory law in which the employee is employed. There are also variations in the way the amount paid is calculated, when leave can be taken, whether an employee’s leave can be paid out etc.

As a result, there is widespread confusion surrounding long service leave entitlements and obligations. So, to help clarify the rules for employers when it comes to long service leave, Portner Press has developed the The Long Service Leave Guide.

This 25-page eBook explains – in clear and practical terms – the rights of employees and the rules for employers across every jurisdiction in Australia. You’ll find out:

  • When and how your employee accrues LSL from continuous service
  • How to determine if your employee is entitled to a pro rata payment
  • Whether your local laws require you to re-credit LSL accruals
  • How to calculate what to pay an employee who is taking LSL
  • How to calculate ‘ordinary hours of work’
  • How to determine whether you can cash out, buy out or pay for LSL in advance
  • The rules around directing your employee to take LSL – for each jurisdiction
  • How penalties for avoiding LSL obligations vary for each jurisdiction

If you miscalculate or disregard your long service leave obligations, you stand to face penalties of up to $20,000. So it’s important you’re clear on the rules. The Long Service Leave Guide will help you understand your obligations, explain your employees’ entitlements and help you determine which specific laws apply to your circumstances

Written by the team behind the Employment Law Practical Handbook published by Portner Press.

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