The Personal/Carer’s Leave Guide

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It wouldn’t be fair to expect an employee to work or to forfeit their pay during a period of illness or injury. In fact, it’s important to encourage workers to stay away from work to recover, especially if the health of other workers is at risk. That’s why the National Employment Standards provide all full-time employees with the entitlement to personal/carer’s leave.

Personal/carer’s leave combines two different entitlements that accumulate at the same time and are deducted as one. Personal leave refers to the time an employee takes off work due to illness or injury (sick leave), while carer’s leave refers to paid or unpaid leave to provide care and support to a family or household member. But, depending on the circumstances, making sure you’re being fair to your employees AND that you’re not paying them more than you need to be can be difficult…

To help explain the details of the entitlement in terms that are clear and easy to understand, Portner Press have developed the The Personal/Carer’s Leave Guide. This 29-page guide provides a complete overview of the personal/carer’s leave entitlement; who can use it, when it can be taken and what your obligations are as an employer under the Fair Work Act.

You’ll find out:

  • How personal/carer’s leave is accrued by your employees
  • Why you need to understand the difference between paid and unpaid leave
  • When it is reasonable to ask an employee for evidence for taking sick leave
  • What you need to know about disciplining an employee for taking leave
  • 7 conditions that must be met before you cash out personal/carer’s leave
  • Our expert’s answers to 7 of the most commonly asked questions about personal/carer’s leave
  • 4 findings from legal cases involving the sick leave entitlement
  • 4 essential document templates you’ll need for dealing with personal/carer’s leave


Your employees (including casual employees) are entitled to compassionate leave (also known as bereavement leave. This 17-page eBook explains how to comply with your obligations to provide compassionate leave to your employees.

You’ll find out:

·         When an employee can take compassionate leave;
·         How much compassionate leave employees are entitled to; and
·         Your rights and obligations to your employees when it comes to compassionate leave.
·         Template: Requesting Evidence for taking compassionate leave
·         Template: Unpaid leave policy

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