Policy: Flexible Work Arrangement Policy

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A flexible work arrangement is a modification to an employee’s usual work arrangement that is agreed between the employer and the employee. Flexible work arrangements can mean:

  • changes to work hours on a given work day;
  • changes to work patterns, i.e. the days an employee is required to work; or
  • changes to work location.

Employees may require increased flexibility in the workplace for a number of different reasons, and which type of flexible work arrangement is appropriate will depend on the circumstances of the employee and your business. This policy is an umbrella document that dictates how a flexible work arrangement will be managed and implemented in your company. Each individual arrangement will have specific terms to be independently agreed upon between your business and the employee. To complete this template, replace the red text with the relevant information and customise to your situation and workplace. Add your company logo and ensure that you train current employees in any changes to your policies and educate new employees on all your workplace policies. Keep a record of this training.

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